How to Remove Stains On Your Wooden Fence

Noticeable stains on your wooden fence are frustrating. Cracking, fading away, and peeling paint will also give you the same level of stress. Luckily, there are quick and easy ways on how to remove stains on wood.

However, if you want satisfying results, you should carefully follow the directions. By not doing so, it can cause more damage to your wooden fence.

Before you start, read our guide on how you can remove stains on a wooden surface, specifically a wooden fence.

Remove Debris

Before removing the stains off of your wooden fence, you should remove any debris such as cobwebs, ivy or soil. If not removed, the debris will leave small patches of stain once the stain remover is used.

It’s best to put a tarp or sheet to avoid damage to nearby furniture or areas. If you’re not aware, stain removers have harmful chemicals that can cause discolouration on the grass and other materials nearby.

Remove Stains with a Wood Stripper

A quality wood stripper is used to remove stains. Wood stripper is similar to the bleaching agent. Before starting this step, make sure you have the following:



Tarp or sheet

Oxalic acid

Steel brush

Hose or power washer

It’s also important to carefully follow the directions on the wood stripper. To ensure that you won’t miss any stain, thoroughly coat every board.

The stain will dissolve once you apply it. You can use a steel brush to remove stains that are still stuck on your wooden fence.

Rinse Well and Restore Wood

Once all stains are already dissolved, wash your fence using a hose or power washer. This will remove any residue and the wood stripper.

When rinsing, make sure to move the hose in the direction of the length of the wooden boards. If you still notice a stain or paint on the wood, you need to reapply the stripper until every spot is free from stains.

The last thing to do is to neutralise the stripper, brighten and restore your wooden fence using oxalic acid.

Don’t Forget to Dry

If you’re going to use an oil-based stain, make sure that the wood is completely dry. Wood takes several weeks or days before it completely dries.

You can use a moisture meter to determine if the wood is completely dry already. A reading of 12% or less means the wood is already dry and you can now apply the new stain.


If you followed the instructions on the wood stripper and our guide, you will be able to remove most of the stains. Once your fence is stain-free, you will be able to restore your fence by applying a new coat of sealer or stain of your choice.

Unfortunately, not everyone can perform this daunting task. And for best results, hire an expert. Here at Gold Coast Carpenters, we offer quality and world-class services. Whether you’re planning a renovation or installing a new fence, our team would be delighted to serve you!

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