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Pergolas in Gold Coast

Upgrade your outdoor space with our elegant custom pergolas. Pergolas are structures with open cross beams supported by vertical pillars. We build pergolas according to your specifications and budget. You’re free to choose your style, dimensions, and colours to make your pergola the way you want it.

Here at Gold Coast Carpenters, our experts use the finest materials to build pergolas. This will guarantee a long-lasting and durable structure. We take accountability and make sure that the project is completed within your given timeframe.

Pergolas have a variety of styles to match your lifestyle and purpose. A well-designed and installed pergola will allow you to enjoy the morning sun and the natural beauty of your surroundings. You can also use your pergola for dining bonding with family and friends.

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Materials You Can Choose From

A wide range of materials with different sizes, shapes, and features are available. Our team of experts can help you choose the perfect material that will fit your style and purpose. We will also take into consideration the budget you’re going to allocate for your pergola.


Wood is a common material for pergolas. One type of classic wood is cedar – which is often recommended for wooden pergolas. It’s stylish and aesthetically appealing. Cedar also has a natural property that makes it resist rotting and being damaged by insects.


If you’re looking for an affordable material for your pergola, you can consider using vinyl. Vinyl is available in different colours. Although, white is mostly preferred.


PVC can be shaped for pergola. It is a kind of plastic material. To match your home’s design and landscape, it can be painted according to your preference. PVC pergolas are extremely durable and require little maintenance.


Most metal pergolas are made from aluminium because of their light weight and durability. Aluminium structures are usually powdery or painted for added strength and appeal.

Type of Pergola Designs

Pergolas are an excellent way to enhance your outdoor space. They come in different designs and styles to match your style and purpose.

Below are the most popular types of pergolas that we build for our customers.

  • Traditional or Open-Top. Allows open-air circulation and sunlight exposure. This is most commonly used for gardens with climbing veins or hanging plants.
  • Sail. Sails are stretched to the columns. Sails come in different colours.
  • Pitched. This design is usually attached to the house at a certain slope. The slope allows rainwater to flow.
  • Gabled. It has a triangular-shaped roof which allows water to run off during rainy days.
  • Steel. Its design is like the traditional or open-top. The only difference is the material. Steel pergolas are stronger and more durable.

Gold Coast Carpenters for Your Outdoor Pergola

Whether you’re planning to install a pergola in your garden, patio, or swimming pool spaces, we are here to help you. Our pergolas are strong and made from excellent materials. We guarantee that our pergolas will last for many years.

Our team is experienced and well-trained in building custom pergolas.