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Expert Picket Fencing in Gold Coast

Picket fences add beauty and security to your residential property. A picket fence is a flat board with decorative tops. From repairing, removing to re-installing your picket fence, we can do it for you! We are committed to providing high-quality services.

Here at Gold Coast Carpenters, your satisfaction always comes first. We make sure that we build long-lasting and superior quality picket fences by using the best materials in the market. We offer a variety of picket fencing services to cater for your needs. You can also choose from different design and style options for your picket fence, namely:

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Common Materials Used for Picket Fences

The material you choose for your picket fence will depend on your home’s style and design – while also considering your personal preference. Ideally, picket fences are mostly made from hardwood because it’s long-lasting.

There are a wide variety of materials to choose from for your picket fence. It can be overwhelming to choose from the different materials. To help you decide, we will provide basic information about the most common materials for pickets.

Below are the popular materials for pickets:


Wood is the most common choice when it comes to picket fences. It’s affordable and can be painted in different colours. It also comes in different shapes you can choose from. However, wood can be hard to maintain and will need recoating periodically.


Metal picket fences are easy to clean and repair. Scratches can easily be removed by a fresh coat of spray paint.


Vinyl is lightweight and does not need to be painted because its white colour mimics painted wood. It looks like wood, but what makes it different is that it has a glossy finish.


Cellular PVC is a man-made material that is rot-resistant. It can be made into any shape. This material is good around plants.


Composite picket fences have a texture that looks like wood. It usually comes in a stained tone.

Professional Picket Fencing Experts in Gold Coast

There’s a lot of fencing contractors you can look for, but not all can deliver superior and outstanding services. Here at Gold Coast Carpenters, our team is committed and results-driven. We value our client’s time, money, and trust. Our picket fences are made with excellent and high-quality materials. We deliver on time and make sure to meet your expectations.

If you don’t know anything about picket fencing, no need to worry! Our team of experts can help and guide you in choosing the best material and design. We make sure to keep you informed about your choices.

Whether you want to refurbish your existing picket fence or upgrade your home by installing a new one, we can help you choose budget-friendly designs that suit your style. Knowing that your contractors are licensed and insured will give you peace of mind and avoid hassle later on.