Timber Flooring Gold Coast

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Timber Flooring in Gold Coast

Timber floorings are naturally beautiful and elegant. This type of flooring has always been a popular choice because it offers a high-end aesthetic and luxurious finish while being able to combat heavyweight and foot traffic and offers long-term durability.

What also makes timber floorings stand out is that it is hypoallergenic which means it does not trap allergens, dust, and pollens.

Here at Gold Coast Carpenters, we offer a range of solid timber floorings. Choosing timber for your floorings can instantly transform your home into a warm and stylish space. They are also low maintenance and can last for many years with proper care. We also do repairs and coatings for existing timber floorings.

Timber floorings come in different types. These are the most common types of timber flooring:

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Timber Flooring Installation Process

These floorings have different hardness and durability. The harder the timber is, the greater it can resist any abrasion, indention, and damage. If you’re not sure about the level of hardness of a particular timber species, our team will give you credible and detailed information to help you choose the best timber flooring species.

The method of installing timber floorings will depend on the type of timber flooring you choose. We ensure that our team will carefully install the floorings and finish them on schedule.


  • Removing existing tiles, carpets, or any floorings
  • Removal of glues
  • Filling any spots and cracks
  • Installing of plywood


There are three ways to install timber floors:

  • Secret Nails
  • Gluing
  • Click system


Sanding smoothens an installed floor. It is also used to make older floors look new again. When sanding the floorings, sandpaper with finer grades is required to even stain penetration and eliminate scratches.

If ever you’re worried about dust from the wood, we use dustless sanding equipment that captures dust and other particles from sanding.

Once the floor is done with the sanding, to have an excellent finish for your timber flooring, polishing is applied for added protection. You can choose different wood finishes namely the old traditional polish to modern water-based varnish.

You can also apply colour at this stage, but most customers would rather keep the natural beauty of timber floorings.

Reliable Timber Flooring in Gold Coast

At Gold Coast Carpenters, we are experts in installing and repairing timber floorings. Our team is committed to providing long-lasting floorings that will last for many years. New or recycled timbers, we make sure that it will improve your home’s appearance and give off a warm and cosy vibe.

We offer competitive and reasonable prices in the market. Our team can help you out in choosing which type of timber floorings will match the style of your home. Your opinion matters to us, that is why we consider your plans and preferences. At the same time, we give professional advice on how we can work out your plan.